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Алурол - бързо развиваща се компания

ALUROLL LTD is a dynamic and fast-growing company

specializing in the production of outdoor roller shutters, interior blinds, pleated and roller insect screens.

From the very first start, the company is a correct and responsible partner for its customers. Our highly qualified employees have many years of experience in the field of production and trade, provide professional advice and high-quality performance.

The production of quality products is the basis of our development strategy. To do this, the company uses high-quality materials from leading and proven manufacturers.

ALUROLL Ltd sells its products through an ever-growing number of partner distributors throughout the country. For the convenience of its partners, the company has offices in the following towns; Plovdiv, Sofia, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Stara Zagora, Sliven and offers delivery to the client throughout the country via its own transport.

How to choose the right blinds.

Consult with our representatives to choose the right blinds for your home.
Earlier, however, ask yourself the following questions:
Outdoor roller shutters improve: burglar protection; sunscreen; thermal insulation; sound insulation;
The interior of the room
Depending on the purpose of assistance, you can choose aluminium, textile or bamboo blinds. What is your style?
Alurol offers a wide range of interior and exterior blinds. You can adjust your choice to the budget you have.
Алурол - бързо развиваща се компания

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