Motorization of blinds

Защо да моторизирате ролетните си щори?

Motorized blinds?!

Why are they useful?!
Protect your home!

You can protect your home from burglary, Somfy motors for roller shutters and blinds provide additional security and resilience thanks to their strong anti- lift connections.

Enjoy the peace and comfort

Thanks to the new Somfy S&SO RS100 motors we make the quietest blinds and shutters, which create a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Make your life easier

This is a great entry level system to enable app control of your blinds via your Smartphone or Tablet app. It also allows timer schedule operation for automatic opening and closing.

Quick and easy installation

With Somfy Oximo 40 WF – solar motor you can motorize your blinds without additional wiring and electricity. So they always fit well both to the interior and the exterior of your home  or office!

Motorized blinds

Aluroll Ltd in partnership with Somfy offers you a practical solution for motorization of your blinds and shutters.

Мотори Somfy: RS 100 io motor


Large variety of Somfy motors
Somfy Мотори


Automation IO / Automation RTS / Wired buttons
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Take control of your daily life!

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