Outdoor roller shutters

Outdoor roller shutters

Due to its aesthetic appearance, well-thought-out functional design and properly selected materials, external roller shutters are a good solution for any type of building. Our outdoor roller shutters provide effective protection from unwanted guests and prying eyes. At the same time, they significantly increase the thermal insulation of your home. This leads to a reduction in heating costs in winter. In summer, they offer a pleasant coolness, protecting the premises from strong sunlight. Due to its main advantages, external roller shutters from ALUROLL Ltd also increase the sound insulation of your home, which will provide you with the desired additional peace and comfort.

Външна ролетна щора Classic


Outdoor roller shutters
with front mounting
Външна ролетна щора Protex


Outdoor roller shutters
with built- in mounting
Външна ролетна щора Thermo Lux

Thermo Lux

Aluminium outdoor roller shutters with intermittent thermal bridge and built-in mounting
Външна ролетна щора Inter Lux

Inter Lux

External roller shutters with built-in front mounting

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