design ideas
Complete solutions:
roller shutters, internal blinds and
insect screens.


design ideas
Complete solutions:
roller shutters, internal blinds and
insect screens.

Home is where we spend most of our lives. Therefore, it is worth making sure that it becomes a place where we will be comfortable, a place where we are ready to return after a hard day’s work, knowing that every time we can find peace, tranquillity and comfort. The company ALUROLL LTD operates in order to help you create your dream home. For this purpose, we offer you the developed complete systems of oller shutters, internal blinds, and insect screens.

The office is where we spend a significant part of our day. Therefore, it is extremely important that it is friendly, cosy and makes us feel comfortable. The company ALUROLL LTD is working to help you create such an office where your employees can spend time with pleasure. For this purpose, we offer you the developed complete systems of roller shutters, internal blinds and insect screens.

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High quality is our top priority

Quality equipment
Our Machine Park is made by well-known manufacturers with traditions in the field.
Quality material
We use only high quality materials, which is an important basis for the high quality of the final product.
Qualified employee
Aluroll employees are well-trained with many years of experience in the production of exterior and interior blinds, as well as insect screens.
Attention to detail
We try to understand the needs of our customers and help them clarify the details of each order.
Outdoor roller shutters

Due to its aesthetic appearance, well-thought-out functional design and carefully selected materials, external roller shutters are a good solution for any type of building. Our outdoor roller shutters provide effective protection from unwanted guests and prying eyes. At the same time, significantly increase the thermal insulation of your home.

Външни ролетни щори
Insect screens

Insect screens will provide you with the necessary protection during the warmer months of the year. They are extremely reliable and are made of high-quality aluminium profiles and fiberglass mesh.

ALUROLL ltd offers you roller insect screens and pleated insect screens.

Противонасекомни мрежи
Internal blinds

Interior blinds are a beautiful and functional finish that highlights your style and character in your home or office!

They have an extremely simple control mechanism and they are made of materials with varying degrees of permeability, absorption and reflection of sunlight and heat.

"Перде" щори



Motorization of external and internal blinds makes your daily life easier and increases the degree of protection of your home.

Enjoy peace and comfort with the new Somfy S&SO RS100 motor, with which we create the most silent blinds on the market.

Моторизация Somfy

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