Altus 50 RTS motor

18.03.2021by Aluroll Ltd
мотор Altus 50 RTS
Order motorized roller blinds with an Altus 50 RTS motor and get a free remote control.

ALUROLL Ltd in partnership with Somfy announces:

For each motor ordered from the specified items:

  • ALTUS 50 RTS 6/12 RRF 3M-BAR
  • ALTUS 50 RTS 10/12 RRF 3M-BAR
  • ALTUS 50 RTS 20/12 RRF 1M-BAR

you will get for free:

* 1 single-channel remote controller TELIS pure RTS for each motor or

* 1 four-channel remote controller TELIS 4 pure RTS for every 2 motors.

The promotion is valid until 30.04.2020.

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