“Day and Night” blinds – Premium

Щори "Ден и Нощ"- Premium

"Day and Night" Blinds - Premium

“Day and Night” internal blinds are like the popular roller shades. They are an excellent solution as they offer the sheer fabric (day) and the blockout fabric (night) in the one blind. The blockout fabric offers 100% privacy and blocks out sunlight and streetlights. The sheer fabric will filter sunlight and offers minimal privacy which is great for during the daytime. They combine the aesthetics of Roller shades and the functionality of the Venetian blinds. They are available in a wide selection of models, colours and elegant cloths and fabrics. The mechanisms are easy to use. They can be installed on windows, walls, or ceilings. It is possible to be made large-sized blinds.

  • Premium model-aluminium box system and guide rails.
Additional information
INSTALLATION: On window frames
BOX: Aluminium
GUIDE RAILS: Aluminium
COLOURS: Wide range of colours

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